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Grain Shipping Containers

Manufactured to suit a range of bulk products such as Wheat and other grain crops. Load bulk and discharge bulk product easily and efficiently.

Fitted with FLEXITOP retractable tarpaulin system.

Smooth Internal Walls

Large Tipping Hatch fitted with grain locks.

Heavy lift fork pockets.

Sampling ports, to allow product sampling without opening the Flexitop Tarpaulin. Stackable empty and loaded.

Tarp can be operated manually or with power.

Tippler friendly grain containers

Soya bean is being loaded at the port of Rosario in Argentina using the ISG pit to ship solution and the ISG tippler friendly grain containers.

The port of Rosario is a brown field site that needs a massive amount of work and money spent on the port to transfer it into a modern facility. The loading of grain is one of the ports major revenue streams. Rather than spending millions of dollars to upgrade the loading process the port looked to ISG Pit To Ship solutions. The patented lid lifter allowed the ISG patented containers to be sealed after loading and become vermin proof until the product is loaded into the ship’s hull using a tippler. The lid is removed inside the ship’s hull making the process automated and no human interaction is needed making this a safe loading solution.

Iron Ore Containers

Purpose built for heavy duty mining applications. Suitable for products such as Iron Ore and Concentrates. Designed and extensively tested for use with a Tippler (180 degree rotation to discharge product).

Supplied with waterproof removable hard lids which also eliminate dust during transit.

These lids can be manufactured to suit any Tippler lid lifting system. Heavy duty, empty and loaded lift fork pockets.

Can be custom built to specific requirements, in a range of various heights.

Can be supplied with or without hard lid. Stackable when loaded. High Payload of 35,000kg.

Copper Concentrate Containers

Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG) is the Global market leader in Open Top half heights for Copper Concentrate shipping containers. This shipping container has been designed, manufactured and tested in conjunction with some of the world’s leading mining companies.

The shipping container is designed for minimum product hang-up which includes curved gussets in all corners, and tapered side and end walls. The shipping container is designed to be suitable with all Tipplers in the Global market, and includes a pioneering lid, which is automatically locked and unlocked by the Tipplers.

The shipping container is also the first Open Top half height in the global market to be certified to BK2 requirements and ADG7. The container also includes our special anti- abrasion coating.

*In 2011 Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG) manufactured 1,100 units for Oz Minerals.